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The Great Saint Jayantis


Bharat Ratna, the birth anniversary of the great saint and social reformers of India, Dr. Baba Saheb BR Ambedkar Jayanti April 14, 2017:
Bharat Ratna Dr. Baba Sahab BR in joint joint venture between Sri Dakshina Gangotri Vikas Sansthan and Gail India, Indian Oil, CCRT, New Era Educational Consultant and Maithili, Bhojpuri. Ambedkar Jayanti was organized under the chairmanship of Prof. Shyamakant Jha.

The program started with Chief Guest Prof. Talking to the masses present on this occasion, Baba Saheb recalled Baba Saheb by lighting the lamp by Junk Delhi University’s Karkalamo and said that Dr. Ambedkar Ji is going to take the principle of thinking and thinking of reaching the mass mind, by which The deprived society is getting a partnership. I am proud to be present in the program of this institution, such self-service organization is very much Who do this kind of work I hope that the institution’s mission will continue to Babasaheb. Syed Parvez, Editor of Marginal Voice, said that Babasaheb had continued his campaign against marginalized people till his death. Today, I got a chance to keep my thoughts in the program organized in Madhu Vihar Dwarka.

I express my gratitude to this institution. Current News Editor Md. Noor Hassan, who addressed the mass group present on special invitation from Ranchi, Jharkhand and said that the authorities do not follow their duty towards the rule made by the Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, whose mission is weakening the mission of Baba Saheb. There is a need to take legal action against the officer. In the program, Dr. Dharmendra Kumar said that my fate is that I got the opportunity to become president of an institution which organizes the scheduled castes, tribes, oppressed saints in the minority society, Mahayushu jayanti and death anniversary. I will keep trying to do all possible cooperation with this institution. In the program, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar said that in order to do one of the teachings of Baba Saheb every day, social consciousness awakens, Mrs Ranjana Gangwar, Principal of Gold Medalist Central School said that such a large number of people of every caste, For the first time, because people used to name the name of Baba Sahib first, they felt untouchable, Chandrak, director of Radiant Public School Play in Singh said institution Beti Bachao, Beti running training to build self Pdao and daughter is a matter of praise.

Bhai B.K., General Secretary, conducting the forum. Singh said that in order for the ongoing efforts of the institution, today, Gill India, Indian Oil, CCRT, New Era Educational Consultant and Maithili, Bhojpuri Academy, congratulate the Delhi Government Late in the end but got the chance to organize the birth anniversary of Baba Saheb and with the help of Dana Bank and Andhra Bank, save the daughter to the institution, Annual Report to make Beti Padhao and make the daughter self-reliant Thanks to the privilege of publishing, the organization thanked the Indian Administrative Officer and the Minister of State for Finance, Hon’ble Santosh Kumar Gangwarji, whose inspiration the organization achieved its goal, along with Baba Sahab BR Ambedkar Jayanti The program concluded with the support of Hon’ble Janak Ram Ji, Member of Parliament. Presented in the program, Satendra Kumar, Dilshad, Ritu Singh, Tannu, Mamta, R.D. Mishra. Sri Bhagwan Gupta, Suman and a large number of young students, women, children and elderly contributed to the success of this program.

Buddha Jayanti 3 May 2017:
Buddha Jayanti was organized by Shree Knowledge Gangotri Vikas Sansthan on the auspicious occasion of Buddha Purnima. On this occasion, students of the various beneficiaries and vocational training centers coming in different schemes of the organization and participants of veteran citizen entertainment center and local dignitaries took part in the event. On the occasion of Buddha Jayanti, a cultural program was organized in addition to the writing competition by the institution, while highlighting the birth of Buddha, the founder general secretary Bhai B K Singh said that Mahatma Buddha is as relevant today as he is in his time. Were. Even today, the Buddha’s philosophy of society is as much as necessary, as it was during Buddha’s time, the philosophy and knowledge of Buddha should be reached to the masses so that the mass awareness could be ensured on this occasion. Bhai B K Singh further said that in this important work the youngest generation of the most important role can be, for this, we need to motivate young generation in a phased manner. Successful 50 participants were rewarded at the end of the program and the snack distribution and thanksgiving memo were given.

Sant Ravidas Jayanti 31 January 2018:
Senior Vice President Sridharam Raj Vishwakarma ji expressed his views on the life of Saint Ravidas in the program of Sant Ravidas Jayanti in the head office of Shri Gyan Gangotri Vikas Sanstha, and said that the work being done by the institution would be successful and At the time, everyone will be all aware about the Saint and Maha Purusha born in India. Bhai B K Singh, the founder general secretary of the program, told all the people about the works done by Santrarvas ji and made them aware.

Things to consider on the occasion of Lord Mahavir Jayanti 29 March 2018:

The head office of Sri Gyan Gangotri Vikas Sansthan: – B-70, Madhu Vihar, New Delhi. In the Jayanti program, the Senior Vice President of the area, Shri Dharmaraj Vishwakarma ji, while keeping the views, informed about Mahavir ji that Mahavir ji is the twenty-fourth (24th) Tirthankara of Jain religion. Lord Mahavir was born in Kandalpur, about two and a half thousand years ago (599 years before Christ), in the Republic of Kshatriya, Vaishali. At the age of thirty, Mahavir deserted the world by abandoning the glory of the world, and retired on the path of morality by holding sannyas. After 12 years of hard penance, he got the knowledge only, after which he disseminated knowledge in parallelism. Jain society celebrates Mahavir’s birth anniversary with Mahavir-Jayanti and his salvation day as Deepavali. Further, the chairman of the organization, Bhai BK Singh institution, chaired the program and said that Lord Mahavir taught the world the truth about non-violence and non-violence. Mahavir Swami described non-violence as the highest moral virtue. He told the world the Panchsheel theory of Jainism, which is non-violence, truth, non-violence, Achyaraya (Astaya) and Brahmacharya. He gave amazing principles like multiculturalism, sadism and untouchability. There were no boundaries of area, time, time or caste in Mahavira’s Sarodogi pilgrimages. Lord Mahavira’s self was equal to every soul of the world. All the souls of the world are one, so we have the same thoughts and behavior towards others that we like ourselves. This is Mahaveer’s principle of ‘live and live two’. In the program, S.P. Sharma, Manchchu Mandal, Smt. Jyoti, Tanu, Dulari, Kamlesh, Jyoti Kumari and Soft and others appeared and kept their views.

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