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Handicap Welfare program

Divyang Promotions Program 30 March 2018: The organization acts as conscious of the Divisions by the organization. In the Madhu Vihar, a handicapped shop has been made available to the disabled person. Encouraging the civilian citizens, the Vice President of the Institute Mr. Virender Kumar Chaudhary said that if seen, the situation of the people of Divyan in India would be said to be a little miserable compared to other countries of the world. Pitiable because on one side the people are encouraged to be less discouraged by the people. A handful of the total population is a victim of neglect with every sight today. It is also noticed that they are made more eligible for co-operation less joke. On the other hand, there is an arrangement for insurance for the elderly abroad, which helps them get all the help while there is nothing like this in India. Yes, the many laws made in the interest of the Divyans are increasing the beauty of the Constitution, but on the surface of behavior, even after seven decades of independence, the situation of the people in the society is regrettable. It is essential that there is an easy arrangement for reaching the opportunities available with the education, health and resources of the people of Divyan. On the other hand, it is also seen that there is a state-wide discrimination in the pension given to every month. For instance, in Delhi, this amount is Rs 1500 per month, whereas in few other states, including Jharkhand, only Rs 400 is paid as royalty payment to the disabled. The problem is that they have to run a lot for the withdrawal of this amount too. About 50 Divisions participated in the Divya Promotions program organized by the organization.

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