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Beti Bachao Beti Padhao


Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao One Day Social Awareness Seminar / Workshop October 13, 2017: Betty under daughter power campaign in the joint venture of Shreegan Gangotri Vikas Sansthan, Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti and Indian Life Insurance Corporation in Coffee House, Bindapur, New Delhi. Save, Beti Studies, One Day Social Awareness Seminar / Workshop was organized in which Chief Guest Delhi University Office Pro. Hansraj Suman expressed his thoughts and said that today I am feeling very happy by being present in the program of Shri Gyan Gangotri Vikas Sansthan. He started his story through a story that, once a forest was set on fire, after the fire, Jagal’s Many creatures came out, many people were extinguished the fire that took place in that forest and a small bird that brought water from far away and used to extinguish the fire Seeing all the birds in that jungle began to laugh, Koey said that this little bird will be able to quench the fire in such a large forest and this small effort of little bird extinguished the fire in the forest. This little bird is doing the work of Bhai BK Singh, who organized a small program by the organization, today, by arranging a daughter-book Beti Bachao under the blessings of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, Beti Padhao Seminar, has proved that the institution The next program will be on Jantar-Mantar and a huge number of people like me will support and these voices will be brought inside the Parliament. In the days of Navaratri, all our mother worshiped for nine days, she worshiped and she demands that our son should be mother in law, husband is all saying that no one says for daughter, Nand is everyone’s wish that son should be. Son who comes at 12 or 1 in the night, nobody asks, and if the daughter comes after six o’clock, then many questions are asked.

There is no change in our mentality. Dr. is talking to many types of machines in the code word, if the girl is G, then it is B. Now it is known that they have given different names, A means Karishma Kapoor, A is meant to mean Aamir Khan. Brother b K. The lion is asking that the surplus of the ultrasound machine has been commissioned by the Delhi government and the sin of the fetus is said to be said-it is being said that our mother and flowing and all the villagers in the riot movie say that the girls instead of boys Wrestling, he said, I do not care about the society, who will say. There is a revolution in the country if the first person has come, the girls have come. The friends told me how to save my daughter, and the government helped a lot about her daughter’s education. It has also given scholarships in the 10th of the free class from the first grade to the 8th standard. This government has given only daughters to teach.

Today, with the support of SGGVS, I have got an opportunity to come to this forum. I bow to everyone. Among our great daughters, great daughters like Virgana Lakshmi Bai, Sarojini Naidu, PT Usha have been born. Today, a great daughter, who is IAS, IPS We should be proud of them. In earlier times, no attention was given to the daughters. Now all the daughters and sons have been given equal rights. So try to read, write and make your daughters self-reliant. By which the value of India’s year will increase, India is a country where females are worshiped. To pursue their daughters, they should give higher education. Through this NGO, daughters should be given equal facilities so that they can read and write. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Jai Betiyan.
Dr. Mansi Mishra, Chief Coordinator, CSR (NGO) expressing its views, gave information about the Gudi-Guddi Board, operated by the Government of India. He further informed that according to the Census Report 2011 of Delhi, there are 836 girls on 1000 boys according to the population of girls in the population of Delhi. When 836 girls were seen in the population of 1,000 boys, the bachelor’s association has been opened for boys. In the coming time, going forward, girls will marry dowry. Be prepared for the boys competition. On the birth of boys, the litter is beaten, whether it is happening on the birth of girls. Once you trust the daughter, the daughters will do something and show them. My father trusted me and sent me to read Delhi from Udisa only when I got Dr. before my name. I record my presence in all the programs of Brother B. K. Singh ji because Mr. Singh makes all his small programs successful by his entire wedding and hard work. Keeping your thoughts in mind, I want to say that no society is incomplete without women. If our daughters are not equal to sons then our society will not be able to develop. Daughters are a boon of God that does not meet everyone. Daughters are the destinies of the country, without any woman power, no society can develop. Someone does not understand that I have two or three daughters, when no one does not have a son, daughters support only old age, do not suffer from any ill feeling, no daughter can do anything, I request the Government of India that my own Trust the daughter and see.
Mr. Santosh Patel, Social Worker appreciated the seminar organized by Shri Gyan Gangotri Vikas Sansthan, in his opinion, saying that the daughter-in-law, Beti Bachao Abhiyan was started, there is a big concept behind it, many of the Government of India’s Ministry is running this program The 2011 census showed that the gender ratio is more in our state, and to understand this difference, we need to know Must start from Iwar. On one side, ours say that the goddess is goddess whether it is in the form of Durga or Saraswati, as the river, the river Ganga also saves. Even today, the religion of the lord in this country is enjoying all the amenities of the world. It is a country in which there are 33 million goddess goddesses, even after every 2-2 minutes, rape happens to sisters, I think there is no need of such goddesses. Brother BK Singh, like the people If such seven-eight and NGOs are found, then work with the government firmly and then see what we do for our daughter-in-law. My request is this, brother B.K. Singh, that you have a lot of experience with people who are essential for our society.
Nearly 300 students and students participated in the seminar and resolved to make the organization’s mission successful. The program was conducted by Honorable Secretary General Rani Singh, Hon’ble Founding General Secretary, Bhai BK Singh. 100 programs related to Tanu, Kormal, Jyoti, Monika Singh, Vinita, Ajlali, Vaishali, Dilshad and Sansthan attached to the program contributed in making this program a success.

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