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Nasha Mukti Awareness Program 26 June 2017: Many people’s lives have been wasted due to addiction. On this topic, the program was organized by Shri Gyan Gangotri Sansthan and made people aware. During the program, Dr. Sanjay Prasad, the chief guest, said in his opinion, how was the life of people in the form of intoxication is wasting.

This addiction causes physical harm to people. It also affects the next generation. In this way, as much as we keep away from drunkenness, we will be as healthy.Founder brother of the organization, B.K. Singh said that addiction affects not only one person but entire society, and gradually by taking the person into his own hands, his family members are allowed to live.Many people have become orphans due to addiction. Addiction is a major contributor to crime. During drunkenness, the person does not know what he is going to do when the person does not have money for drugs, he does not even refrain from doing illegal acts.

A large number of people were present during this program. “The members of the organization said that as far as the number of drunken drugs, the same will be a happy life.” The knowledge of drug addiction by the women Panchayat on behalf of Sri Dana Gangotri Vikas Sansthan, Directorate and RWA, B-Block, Mahavir Inclave New Delhi The program was organized on 29/07/2017. 
In this program, the women joined, whose husbands are drinking alcohol, and brought their family home on the verge of waste, these women have been raising voice against the country liquor sold in the lanes in the past two years. The Delhi Police Administration is sitting silently as it is the house of Nirbhaya Damini, because in this place, in 2012, people from all over the country raised their voice united. Today, at this place, Shree Knowledge is organizing public awareness campaign to create a drug-free society by taking women along with the Gangotri Vikas Sansthan. Therefore, the organization’s morale is high and the house family has reached the brink of this addiction, they will be given every possible effort to leave the liquor and create social interaction with the education of their children. Provide peace in pairs and home families

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