About Us

Shri Gyan Gangotri Vikas Sanstha is a well recognized organisation (NGO). It has been established by our own effort in 2002. We are running this organisation from last 13 years to serve the peoples. Our organisation is situated at B-70, Madhu Vihar New Delhi-110059. From the very begining Our motto is to help needy people who are mainly poverty ridden and lack of education. We also try to provide better health environment by setting up different projects.
Most of the areas in India is arsentic prone. We have already done some project to make these areas arsenic free. The people of India are mainly farmers and maximum of them are lessee farmers and belong under proverty line. Most of the villagers are suffering from mal nutrition & malclad also. We are spreading our hands to these distressed people by various means. During the festive season and at the time of natural calamity we provide them with cloths and food. Thus Shri Gyan Gangotri Vikas Sanstha aims at Rural Welfare reforms, Rural education and self employment.
We also work towards developing inclusive and equitable education policies and practices thereby ensuring a quality of education for all children, regardless of their gender, class, caste, ethnicity and religion.We are providing free education to all children.


Shri Gyan Gangotri Vikas Sanstha work for roti-kapda-makaan for each and every individual of India. We help every person of India to achieve his basic goals of life

Our Vision and Mission

We take various objectives & measures through our projects for the welfare of the poor villagers in all respect without all mites. We are eradicating the unhealthy conditions of the villagers and Students. By establishing this organisation we are able to help the poor and destitute by providing them employment. For this purpose we have created some self-employment project for the women of the villages such as – dairy products, food processing(Jam, Jelly and pickles) soft toys, tailoring etc.
We are setting some health concerns in those villagers, Indian Government has started a mid day meal program for the primary schools. But there is lack of management to provide the food to the student properly due to corruption among the authorities. So this is our main aim to look after the matter so that the children should not be deprived what they deserve.
Recently we have done a project for physical disabled people. We are going to start a new mission for the education of the older people by establishing some night school. Beside this our NGO is reputed for holding Blood Donation Camp. At the time flood and other natural calamities. Our NGO does some relief works like distributing food & clothes. So, this is our motto only to serve our best to the rural people who are distress & suffering from poverty.










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